Green Solutions for a Brighter, Safer Tomorrow

Plugging up landfills, dumping or incinerating your unsaleable inventory and assets costs time, money, can harm the environment, and tarnish your all important image.

With WAK-CO, LC,  you’ll enjoy a customized, money-saving alternative while getting rid of problem or distressed merchandise.

Turn Your Liabilities into Assets

Safeguard your brand, protect your marketplace and prevent returns with full-scale, commercial-grade salvage, QC, surplus and distressed merchandise removal from WAK-CO.

Distressed Merchandise Solutions

We can help with:

  • Investment Recovery
  • Insurance Recovery
  • Salvage Accumulation/Liquidation
  • Manifesting
  • Tally/Destroy Product Alternatives
  • Removal of Distressed Merchandise from Your Market Area
  • Irregular Commerce Solutions
  • International and Domestic Logistics
  • Much More

Excess Product Inventory

WAK-CO, LC offers complete, personalized asset recovery, salvage and liquidation solutions tailored to your industry.  In addition to solving issues with distressed or obsolete merchandise, we also offer excess product inventory storage and liquidation solutions for companies large and small, including:

  •     Warehousing and Consolidation Solutions
  •     Inventory Monitoring
  •     Tertiary Marketing and Exporting
  •     Multiple Truckload Capacities

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